The Coastal Domains studio took three field trips across the Ionian Sea to visit the 9 research sites. The first day trip to Elia, Peloponnese took place on March 15, 2016. We had the opportunity to visit Kaiafas Lagoon, Chrisi Akti and Katakolon port together with Ass. Professor Milica Topalovic and her studio from the ETH Zurich Department of Architecture. During the second field trip, on March 31, we travelled to Zante and visited Laganas and Marathonisi sites. The following day we flew via Cephalonia to Aktion Airport were we visited the facilities of the Hellenic Army Air Force Base and toured the Pantokrator Fort. We continued our journey by minibus to Akarnania and Aetolia and visited the Platiyali Port facilities, the offices of the Management Body of the Messolonghi Lagoon and the Dioni wetland on the Acheloos River Delta. The third day trip to Corfu took place on April 04, where we visited Canoni and the Chalkiopoulou Lagoon.


Region of Western Greece
Yorgos Georgiopoulos, governor, Elia Prefecture
Dionissia Maratou, executive secretary, Region of Western Greece
Christina Staraka, governor, Aetolia & Acarnania Prefecture

Sakis Antonopoulos, vice director, Katakolon Port Authority
Dimitris Martzaklis, land surveyor, consultant to the Elia governor
Kostas Nikoloutsos, president, Elia Chamber of Commerce

Zante & Marathonissi
Dionyssis Zacharias, architect, planner of the Marathonissi Development Strategy
Aphrodite Feradourou, civil engineer, NMPZ
Dionyssis Kefalinos, Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation
Laurent Sourbes, director NMPZ
Nikos Theodorakis, hotel owner and member of the Laganas Hotel Association

Actium & Pantokrator
Nikos Karabelas, economist, founder and president ofActia Nicopolis Foundation
Sotiris Papachristos, lieutenant colonel, deputy commander, Hellenic Air Force, Aktion Air Base
Klelia Siska, fifth year student at Patras University, Department of Architecture

Aetolia & Acarnania
Anastassios Mpaltasis, HR manager, director, NAVIPE-Astakos port, Akarport S.A.
Fotis Pergantis, biologist, president, Management Body of the Messolonghi Lagoon (FD/LM)
Yannis Selimas, environmental engineer, coordinator Management Body of the Messolonghi Lagoon (FD/LM)
Christos Stathopoulos, civil engineer, NAVIPE-Astakos port, Akarport S.A.

Angelos Koskinas, architect, Greek National Tourism Organisation Corfu
Andreas Pandis, land surveyor, director, SE Corfu Planning Department